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Buy Abu Yahya Books and Novels : A Comprehensive Guide to His Literary Works

Abu Yahya is a well-known author whose books have gained popularity among readers. He has written several books on Islamic teachings, self-help, and motivation. His writing style is unique, and his books provide readers with a fresh perspective on various topics.

One of Abu Yahya's most famous books is "When Life Begins." It is an English translation of the famous Urdu novel titled "Jab Zindagi Shuru Hogi." The book has been read by millions of readers and provides a comprehensive sketch of the world and life in the hereafter in the form of an interesting novel. It is the first book of its kind, and its popularity speaks to the author's talent in conveying complex ideas in an accessible way.

Abu Yahya's books are not only informative but also inspiring. His writing encourages readers to live a more meaningful life and to strive for a better future. His books have been well-received by readers worldwide, and his unique perspective on various topics has made him a respected author in the literary world.

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Who is Abu Yahya ?

Abu Yahya is a Pakistani author and scholar who has written more than a dozen and a half books. His most famous book is "Jab Zindagi Shuru Hogi" which has been read by thousands of people. Abu Yahya has completed his PhD in Islamic Studies. His Ph.D thesis was on the topic of 'Evolution of Dawah Methodology Literature in 20th Century Subcontinent'.


Early Life

Abu Yahya was born and raised in Pakistan. He spent his childhood in a small village and received his early education from a local school. He was interested in reading books from a young age and spent most of his time in the library. He was particularly interested in Islamic literature and philosophy.


Career and Achievements

Abu Yahya started his career as an IT Professional. After completing his education, he worked in Saudi Arabia and Canada. During his stay in Saudi Arabia, he wrote his first book "Aik Ghair Muslim Se Mulakat" which was well received by the readers.

Abu Yahya has written books on a variety of topics including Islamic philosophy, self-help, and personal development. His books have been translated into several languages and have been read by people all over the world. He has been invited to speak at several international conferences and has received numerous awards for his contributions to literature.

In conclusion, Abu Yahya is a well-known author and scholar from Pakistan who has made significant contributions to the field of Islamic literature. His books have inspired and motivated thousands of people around the world.

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Abu Yahya's Books

Abu Yahya is a well-known author who has written many books, novels, and travelogues. He has gained popularity for his unique writing style and the themes he explores in his books. In this section, we will take a closer look at Abu Yahya's books, including his top 5 books and the themes and topics he covers in his writing.


Books and Novel by Abu Yahya

Abu Yahya has written many books and novel that have been widely read and appreciated by readers.List are given below

These books cover a wide range of themes, from spirituality and religion to social issues and personal development. Each book is written in Abu Yahya's unique style, which combines storytelling with thought-provoking ideas.

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Themes and Topics Covered in Abu Yahya's Books

Abu Yahya's books cover a variety of themes and topics, including:

  • Spirituality and religion
  • Personal development
  • Social issues
  • History and culture
  • Psychology and human behavior

One of the recurring themes in Abu Yahya's books is the idea of self-improvement and personal growth. He encourages readers to reflect on their lives and make positive changes to become better individuals.

Another theme that runs through his writing is the importance of faith and spirituality. Abu Yahya's books often explore the deeper meaning of life and the role that faith can play in helping individuals find purpose and meaning.

Overall, Abu Yahya's books are a valuable contribution to literature and offer readers a unique perspective on a variety of topics. Whether you are interested in spirituality, personal development, or social issues, there is something in Abu Yahya's books for everyone.

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Impact of Abu Yahya Books

Abu Yahya's books have had a significant impact on Pakistani society and culture. His writing style and unique perspective have made him a popular author among readers of all ages. This section will explore the impact of Abu Yahya's books on society, culture, and literature.

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On Society

Abu Yahya's books have had a profound impact on Pakistani society. His writing often addresses social issues that are prevalent in the country, such as poverty, corruption, and education. His books have inspired readers to think critically about these issues and take action to address them.

One of Abu Yahya's most popular books, "Jab Zindagi Shuru Hogi," has become a movement in its own right. The book's message of hope and optimism has resonated with readers across the country, inspiring them to pursue their dreams and live their lives to the fullest.


On Culture

Abu Yahya's books have also had an impact on Pakistani culture. His books often explore the country's rich cultural heritage, highlighting the beauty and diversity of Pakistani culture. His writing has helped to preserve and promote Pakistani culture, inspiring readers to learn more about their heritage and take pride in their identity.

Abu Yahya's books have also helped to bridge the gap between different cultures. His writing often explores the similarities and differences between Pakistani culture and other cultures around the world. This has helped to promote understanding and tolerance between different cultures, fostering a more peaceful and harmonious world.


On Literature

Abu Yahya's books have had a significant impact on Pakistani literature. His unique writing style and perspective have inspired other writers to explore new themes and styles. His books have also helped to promote Urdu literature, inspiring readers to learn and appreciate the beauty of the language.

Abu Yahya's books have also helped to make literature more accessible to the masses. His books are written in a simple and easy-to-understand language, making them accessible to readers of all ages and backgrounds. This has helped to promote a culture of reading in Pakistan, inspiring more people to read and appreciate literature.

Overall, Abu Yahya's books have had a significant impact on Pakistani society, culture, and literature. His writing has inspired readers to think critically about social issues, appreciate Pakistani culture, and explore new themes and styles in literature.

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