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Irfan ul Haq

Buy Baba Irfan (بابا عرفان الحق) Ul Haq Books in urdu

Baba Irfan Ul Haq is an author who has written many books about Islamic teachings, culture, and history. His books are widely popular among Muslims as they provide guidance and knowledge about different aspects of life. The books he has written include a range of topics such as understanding Islamic beliefs, customs, and values, learning Quranic verses, understanding the hadiths and sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and more. In addition to providing guidance on religious matters, his books also explore various aspects of life such as family relationships, social issues, personal development, etc. His books are filled with useful insights that help readers gain a better understanding of their faith and how to live it in today's modern world.

Baba Irfan ul Haq books list

His books are widely read by people of all ages and backgrounds. They contain invaluable wisdom which helps readers gain a greater understanding of the Islamic faith and its teachings. Each book is beautifully written with plenty of detail that can help one develop spiritually. All in all, Baba Irfan Ul Haq's books are an amazing source for anyone looking to gain insight into Islamic spirituality.

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Biography of Baba Irfan Ul Haq (بابا عرفان الحق)

Baba Irfan Ul Haq is a well-known Sufi and author of numerous books. Baba is a very polite and humble man. People admire him for his straightforward and logical approach to various Islamic and cultural issues; he guides both men and women through his lectures, prayers, and tasbeeh to become good, healthy human beings for the entire world.

He was born in Najeebabad, India, on August 14, 1946. He traveled to Jhelum and settled there before division. He attended Jhelum for his early education before joining Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB). In 1992, he quit MCB and launched his own company.

Since 1994, he has been helping people by providing bodily and spiritual healing through recitations, prayers, and a natural diet. Since 1996, he has given weekly sermons on Islam at Jehlum on Thursdays.