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Ashfaq Ahmad Books

Books by Ashfaq Ahmed - اشفاق احمد - Buy all Books Online in Pakistan

Books by Ashfaq Ahmad - اشفاق احمد, are some of the most widely acclaimed and widely read books in the world. He was a Pakistani writer, playwright, and broadcaster known for his works on philosophy, religion and spirituality. His novels and short stories have been translated into many languages. His works revolve around themes such as love, faith, morality and courage. He also wrote on topics like communalism and social injustice. He is best known for his Urdu novel "Aangan Terha" which won him the prestigious Adamjee literary award in 1962. In addition to this he has written several other books such as “Zavia”, “Lab Aik Azeem Bat Hai” and “Mazameen-e-Ashfaq Ahmad” which have all been well received by readers across the globe. His works continue to be a source of inspiration for readers to this day with his timeless lessons on life still resonating with readers from all walks of life.


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  • Zavia (زاویہ)
  • Zaviya ( زاویہ 1)
  • Zaviya 2 ( زاویہ 2)
  • Zaviya 3 ( زاویہ 3)
  • Safar e Maina (سفرِ مینا)
  • Tahli Thalley (ٹاہلی تھلے)
  • Mehman Bahaar (مہمان بہار)
  • Garma Garm (گرما گرم)
  • Haft Zabani Lughaat (ہفت زبانی لغات)
  • Doosron Se Nibah (دوسروں سے نباہ)
  • Tilisam Hosh Afza (طلسم ہوش افزا)
  • Aur Dramey (اور ڈرامے)
  • Shaahla Kot (شاہلا کوٹ)
  • Khel Tamasha (کھیل تماشا)
  • Nange Paun (ننگے پاؤں)
  • Hasrat Tameer (حسرت تعمیر)
  • Arz e Musannif (عرضِ مصنف)
  • Fankar (فنکار)
  • Mukhtalif Mashron Mein Aurat Ki Hasiyat (مختلف معاشروں میں عورت کی حیثیت)
  • Khattya Wattya (کھٹیا وٹیا)
  • Tota Kahani (توتا کہانی)
  • Qumkaar (قمکار)
  • Aik Mohabbat Sau Afsanay (ایک محبت سو افسافے)
  • Mann Chalay Ka Sauda (من چلے کا سودا)
  • Gadaria: Ujley Phool (گڈریا: اُجلے پھول)
  • Shora Shori (شورا شوری)
  • Dhandora (ڈھنڈورا)
  • Mehman Saraey (مہمان سرائے)
  • Baba Sahiba (بابا صاحبا)
  • Guldaan (گلدان)
  • Dheenga Mushti (دھینگا مُشتی)
  • Safar Dar Safar (سفر در سفر)
  • Ucche Burj Lahore De (اُچے بُرج لاہور دے)
  • Vidaa e Jang (وداعِ جنگ)
  • Jang Bajang (جنگ بجنگ)
  • Aik Muhabbat So Dramey (ایک محبت سو ڈرامے)
  • Aik Hi Boli (ایک ہی بولی)
  • Subhaney Fasaney (صبحانے فسانے)
  • Band Gali (بند گلی)
  • Hairat Kadah (حیرت کدہ)
  • Changez Khan ke Sunehri Shaheen (چنگیز خاں کے سنہری شاہین)

Ashfaq Ahmed Novels

Ashfaq Ahmad novels are among the most popular literary works in Pakistan. With his unique style of writing, Ashfaq Ahmad has created a lasting impression on readers across the country. His novels have been translated into many languages and are well-known far and wide.

Ashfaq Ahmad's novels are known for their captivating storylines, thought-provoking themes, and interesting characters. The stories often explore social issues, such as marriage and family life, love, friendship, culture, religion, and much more. Through his work, Ashfaq Ahmed conveys important messages to his readers that can help them make informed decisions about the world around them.


Ashfaq Ahmad ki Adbi Khidmat - اشفاق احمد کی ادبی خدمات

Ashfaq Ahmed was a prominent Pakistani writer, playwright, and broadcaster. He was born in 1925 in  Sri Muktsar Sahib, India, Pakistan and is best remembered for his works of fiction and non-fiction. His literary contributions to the world of Urdu literature earned him numerous awards, including the prestigious Sitara-e-Imtiaz (Star of Excellence). Ahmed's most famous works include “Kiran Kahani”, “Aik Din” and “Gulshan-e-Ishq”. He also wrote several plays for television which won several awards. Ashfaq Ahmed was not only an accomplished writer but also a great teacher and mentor to many writers who followed him. His teachings had a great influence on writers like Naseem Hijazi, Ghulam Abbas and Ibn-e-Safi. Through his lectures and discussions he tried to bring out the best in people and help them to refine their literary skills. He believed that if language is used properly it can be an effective tool for expressing emotions and feelings accurately. His legacy will continue to live on through his works of literature which are still popular among readers today.