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Bano Qudsia

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Bano Qudsia was born on the 28th of November 1928 in Firozpur, India, when it was still under British rule. She came from a Muslim family of Jats and her dad had a B.Sc in Agriculture. Her brother Pervaiz Chattha was an artist by profession. When India got partitioned in 1947, her family migrated to Lahore and while she was still in grade 5, Qudsia started writing short stories. After graduating from Kinnaird College, Lahore, she went on to achieve a Master's degree in Urdu Literature at Government College University (Lahore) (GCU) in 1951.

Bano Qudsia is a world renowned Pakistani novelist and playwright. She has written many books that have been widely acclaimed by critics and readers alike. Her works include novels, short stories, plays and essays. She left an indelible mark on the literary landscape of South Asia with her novels, plays, short stories, and essays.  Her most famous works include Raja Gidh (The Vulture King), Aadhi Baat (Half Talk) and Ismat Apa Ke Naam (In the Name of Ismat Apa). Her novels are known for their vivid depictions of everyday life in Pakistan as well as for their thought-provoking themes and insights into human nature. Bano Qudsia's books are characterized by her unique style of writing which often incorporates elements of both realism and fantasy. Every one of her works is highly engaging, making them must-reads for any lover of literature.Ke Afsane is a collection of short stories which explore issues related to religion, gender roles, and identity in Pakistan’s postcolonial society. Bano Qudsia’s works are widely read in Pakistan and beyond and offer readers an opportunity to gain insight into some of the complexities of South Asian culture and society.

Bano Qudsia Books, Novel and Darams - Shop Online

Here are the list of Bano Qudsia book novel short stories and biography which you can buy online at Nusraa store in all over Pakistan at best prices and fast shipping.

Dramas by Bano Qudsia

  1. Chota Shehar Baray Log 
  2. Suraj Mukhi
  3. Lagan Apni Apni 
  4. Hawa kay Naam
  5. Foot Paath Ki Ghaas 
  6. Aasay Paasay
  7. Phir Achanak Youn Hua 
  8. Tamaseel
  9. Piya Nam ka Diya
  10. Aadhee Baat 
  11. Dusra Qadam
  12. Sidhran

Novels by Bano Qudsia

  1. Raja Gidh 
  2. Shehr-e-la'zawaal – Abaad Weeranay 
  3. Haasil Ghaat
  4. Tauba Shikan
  5. Purwa
  6. Shehr-e-Bemisaal
  7. Aik Din 
  8. Moom ki Galiyan

Short stories By Bano Qudsia

  1. Hijraton Kay Darmiyan 
  2. Tawaja ki Taalib
  3. Na Qabil e Zikr
  4. Amar Bail
  5. Baz Gasht
  6. Samaan e Wajood
  7. Aatish e Zeer Pa
  8. Kuch Aur Nahi
  9. Dast Bastaa 
  10. Dusra Darwaza

Biographies By Bano Qudsia

  1. Mard-e-Abresham
  2. Rah-e-Rawaan